Required Equipment


No two states require all of the same equipment. This can be confusing! I have compiled a list of the minimum required equipment you will need. State requirements and regulations change all the time,

My Equipment Links


Feniex & Speedtech Lights

All the lights on the truck pictured on the left are from Feniex Industries and are from their Fusion series. I consider them to be the very best in the business. I have the 60" light-bar, the rocker panel sticks (they come in pairs), the 800 stick, the 600 stick (dual color) and the surface mount lights with recessed mounts. I also have the 4200 controller. Instead of having many, many control boxes in the cab of my truck, I have 1! Every light on my truck is controlled by the one controller. 

The best place I have found to buy the Feniex lights is from Ultra Bright Lightz. They seem to have the best prices for them. 

The Speedtech lights that I have on my other truck are great lights, just not quite as bright. 

Roof Mount Sign

There are good and bad points to roof mounts signs, but some states require them instead of number signs. I have the Aluminum Louver OSL Sign from Pilot Car Products. It is mounted to a custom rack that my son built and we have an actuator on it so that it can be raised and lowered with the flip pf a switch. This save time at state lines and allows you to not to have it up any more than you have to. Even though it is louvered, it still kills the fuel millage.

Dash Cameras

Dash cameras can protect you and the drivers you escort from being at fault in an incident. I have the Heavy Duty 2-4 Cam DVR System, Quad Screen 9" LCD from Falcon Electronics. I started out with a dash camera system from KDlinks that has front and rear cameras. It works great and I still have it in one of my other trucks.


There are many different GPS systems out there and everyone has their favorite. For me, it is the Garmin dēzl™ 580 LMT-S. It is the smaller of the trucking models and works great. If you look at the Navigation Samples page, you can see what can be done with it. If you take the time to manually plug in each turn or road change, you will never miss a turn!

High Poles

Ask 3 different people which high pole they like and you will get 3 different answers. Rattler, Wonder Pole or RSA. I have never used a Rattler, but I do own a Wonder Pole and have used it for 7 years. Because one of my customers is now requiring all pilot cars that run pole for them to have a pole that pins off, I recently bought the RSA pole from USPilotCar. It is not a cheap pole but after getting it in, I think I am going to like it better than my Wonder Pole.

Ram Mount

RamMount has great solutions for mounting anything inside your pilot car. I have my iPad mounted with one of their mounts in my truck and an action cam on my motorcycle.

Equipment Demonstration Video

Here is a demonstration video of the equipment I have on the truck I drive. I have since added the Feniex 800 stick, 600 stick and a couple of the dual color Fusion Surface Mount lights in the rear bumper.