About White Rose Pilot Car, LLC


White Rose Pilot Car, LLC is based in DeWitt, AR in SouthEastern Arkansas. We are 90 miles to Memphis, 80 miles to Little Rock and 30 miles north of Dumas. Our drivers hold Florida, Utah, Washington, and New York certifications which allows us to service all lower 48 states. All together we have over 25 years in the trucking industry in a truck and pilot car as well as 13 years auto/diesel and farm implement repair. We have 4 trucks of our own with access to more that hold up to our high standards. You can be confident that we know what it will take to help you get your load safely down the road.


In addition to the equipment required by state regulations we have front, rear and side cameras, state of the art GPS to plot navigation, tablets to check on road conditions/new regulations and mobile printers to assist in printing permits. We have $1 million each in commercial auto, general liability and professional liability.


We offer experienced front or rear escorts as well as high pole and route surveys. We run detailed route surveys and will never put our names on one unless we have physically run it ourselves. We also keep detailed notes so that if there are ever any questions, you can get a quick and accurate answer.

So give us a call and let’s work together to ensure a safe and uneventful movement.